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Five Hair Styles For Busy School Run Mums


In a hurry and need to get the kids to school? But your competitive streak wants you to look better than all the other mums?

With our hair ideas below, your hair can shout confidence all the way to the gate and back to the car. Your hair can even bring the best out of your outfit.

Body and Curls Shout "Volume"

The more volume your hair has the more bounce you will get when you walk. When you turn your head, your confidence will bounce with you. This look has maximum voluminosity and looks outstandingly stylish with a smart casual outfit: a simple plain blouse, navy jeggings and wedges.

Highlights in this type of hair look will add even more character to your extremely effortless style, making you look like you're walking the catwalk.

Sleek Straight and Black

Want the smart sophisticated look which will transform you from a fun confident mum to a serious-faced confident mum? Eliminate all volume from your hair by straightening those brown curls. Black hair is smart, chic, classic, sophisticated all rolled in one. It reflects a successful woman persona, leaving all the other mums wondering who you are.

Contrast with a neon yellow top and black trousers and you are sure to win a Stylish Mum of the Year Award.

Pick up Pony

Nothing is easier than giving your hair a quick brush through before picking it up and bunching into a single pony. This look looks fabulous on mums sporting beautiful blonde hair - go for a medium high pony height and you will always be a winner. Grab some knee high riding boots and a checked tweed jacket or a quilted gilet for an extra country-mum look.

Side Parted and Sprayed Back

Another effortless look which will only take minutes to create. A quick side parting of your hair, brush through and spray with your favourite hairspray brand to set it. This cool Californian style will leave you hands free with no need to keep moving your hair away from your face even with it down. So you can kiss your babies bye before wishing them a wonderful day at school

Over the Shoulder Fish Plait

The last look you have all been waiting for - at number five on our list, this look is trending worldwide on Instagram's hashtag #fishplait and will only take less than 5 minutes; even less with more practice. The Fish Plait - a beautiful delicate elegant plait is simple to start. You bunch your hair as if you were to tie a low ponytail and plait over your shoulder. A rustic look - so don't expect all your hair to plait - this is the beauty of the look you are trying to create. YouTube videos on How to Fishplait are popular and easy to follow, you will be a pro in no time!

So on occasional days when it's cold and wet outdoors, the only way you will want to wear your hair is under a parka hood protecting you from the wet. With no hands for an umbrella when you're carrying all those lunch boxes and school bags, there's only a handful of days in the year where you will get away with a lazy hair day like this.


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