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Festival Hair Care Tips


Summer is well under way and many of you will no doubt be lapping up the sun and festivities and one of the many music festivals that are taking place round the UK, and we don’t blame you.

For many of us festivals are the time to let off some steam, listen to some great music and go a bit barmy in the sun.

While most of us will be packing our wellies and tents looking forward to the great time ahead, field living can be tough going on those of us that like to keep our hair and beauty routine going. Though never fear, the girls from Yen Hair are here to help you keep hold of your hair routine despite the mud, sun and potential downpours.

Salt Spray
Trying to over maintain your hair at a festival isn’t the easiest thing to do, so why not keep it looking natural? Salt spray will add texture and matt your hair, you just simply spray your hair all over and enjoy a wavy, effortless look.

Dry shampoo
Festivals can often mean up to five days or more without a shower...eugh. Dry shampoo will absorb the grease in your hair and add volume to your roots meaning that you can spend more time enjoying what the festival has to offer rather than waiting in the shower lines.

Simply spray the shampoo on your roots, wait for around 30 seconds and rub it off.

Sporting a headband will not only make you look the part for your festival, but it will also hide any bad hair days. Floral bandanas look great on a sunny day whereas a metallic headscarf is definitely a more of a nighttime addition to your look.

Sun protection for your hair
Being in the sun for a long time will make your hair dry and discoloured. The best way to tackle this is by using sun protecting hair products.

Specially formulated hair care products have protecting and restoring formulas that keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Try a spray for quick application and then a replenishing masque after the festival.

While festivals can be known for their mucky nature, your hair routine doesn’t need to be stuck in the mud. By ensuring that you put the tips above into action you can be sure that you will look the part and can still let loose at your festival. If you have any of your own festival hair care tips then please share!


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