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Defining “Luxury Hair Care”

25/02/2015 Defining “Luxury Hair Care”- Yen Hair Defining “Luxury Hair Care”

When it comes to hair care products, one can be easily misled. The term “luxury hair care” may not be all that it seems. At Yen Hair, we are all about treating your hair to luxury, glamour and flawless style; we know what we mean when we use the term luxury to describe a product or service.

On the other hand, many other hair salons will define their products and services as luxury and it won't be the case. To make sure that you really get luxury when you ask for it, at Yen Hair will define what luxury hair care really means for you.

Defining luxury hair care isn’t all about how expensive a product, range or service is. It isn’t all about which celebrities have endorsed it either.

Luxury boils down to some key factors that really give your hair a luxurious treatment. When opting for a luxury hair care product, the first of these is ingredients. If a product is produced using harsh and harmful chemicals, then the last thing it is is luxury. A real luxury hair product contains ingredients that are sourced from high quality sources which tend to be all natural.

While products containing these types of ingredients will naturally be more expensive than your run-of-the-mill products, it doesn’t mean that price defines a product as luxury. Just because a product or service is expensive it doesn’t automatically mean that it will give your hair a luxury treatment.

What makes a product luxury as I have just said is the treatment it gives your hair. While results won't necessarily show after the first use or first experience of a service, after a few times you will certainly notice the difference. An expensive bottle of shampoo is certainly not luxury if it leaves you with split ends and dandruff, but this happens all the time. Sometimes luxury isn’t really luxury.

You really know if a product really gives your hair a luxury treatment by two things; it leaves your hair feeling better than it ever has felt and leaves it in great condition; soft and smelling wonderful.

Another good tester as to whether a product or service is really luxury is your own opinion. Would you recommend a service or hair product to your friends and family? If you have had a great luxury hair experience then surely you will want to spread the word to your loved ones. If you can honestly recommend a product or service, then you know that it must be bona fide luxury.

At the Yen Hair luxury salon, we are all about offering our customers a luxury hair experience that is second to none. After your time in our chair we want your hair to feel the best it ever has, and for you to feel the best you ever have about your hair. This is why all of us here are experienced in delivering glamorous and luxurious hair treatments.

This I am sure is evident in our pictures and what our customers say about us.

If you are looking for a real luxury hair treatment, or even just some advice on how to maintain your hair, some stylish tips or your next big hair move, then at Yen Hair we are here to help you out at any time. When you ask for luxury that is exactly what you should get, so don’t be fooled by anything else. At Yen Hair, we are the real deal when it comes to giving you real luxury for your hair.

Why not get in touch today and see what we can do for your hair? We guarantee you wont regret it.


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